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We understand that scaling a business is not an easy task and we believe that right partnerships are key to building a successful business.

Worknetics provides workable and pragmatic solutions for businesses to succeed with excellence and sustainability. We are dedicated to establishing quality distributed engineering teams, enhancing employee engagements, and expanding businesses' reach into the Vietnam market.

Our Smart Solutions


Worknetics presents hand-picked qualified developers from Vietnam for you to build and scale your tech team. We listen to your needs and expectations to present you with the best solution to ensure you establish your dream tech team successfully.

Our team offers a unique understanding and knowledge of the cultural differences of a workforce and have experience helping multi-site companies and remote teams work more effectively.


With consistently strong annual growth over the last decade, Vietnam has become an attractive destination for many investors. A maturing consumer services sector, sound manufacturing fundamentals and numerous infrastructure opportunities are reasons why investors are excited about doing business in Vietnam.

Armed with local presence and knowledge, we are here to support you in navigating Vietnam's exciting and complex market by establishing the most optimal corporate solutions. Worknetics is primed to take your company into this rapid growth nation.


Employees are the core of every business, and managing them is a continuous cycle of  connection, communication, understanding, and action. When the people management is done right and aligned with business strategy, you will have a highly engaged and inspired workforce who will drive your business forward.

Worknetics offers an integrative and intuitive cloud-based platform that gives you data-driven insights in the areas of Workplace Communication, Performance Management, Employee Wellness, and Rewards & Recognition to help your employees work, learn, and grow together.