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Our mission is to be the embodiment of our core values that work is not just about going through the motion and routine day by day, but it is to effectively find innovative ways to do things better to achieve desired results while holding fast to moral principles. We are constantly looking for likeminded candidates to expand our team - check out our application process below!


Here at Worknetics we embrace an inclusive team-based culture where employee participation at all levels are valued. We encourage communication, feedback and ideas to be exchanged in every team meeting. We believe that our organization culture is a representation of who we are to our members, clients and partners. Therefore, we believe strongly in establishing our corporate foundation in 5 main pillars.




We believe in empowering people to be the best they can be in life and in work. This is because everyone’s success is also our success.




We are all creators, our nature is to challenge the norm and to dare to venture into new frontiers without the fear of failing. Best of all, we do it together.




We are genuine to our brand, our mission and our values. We strive to be better by always being honest and transparent as we can be.




We recognize that success requires a sheer amount of determination! A consistent effort to breakthrough every ceiling to reach higher than before.




We are all human at the end of the day and we ought to look out for each other, be it in the workplace or out.


“ Great things in Business are never done by one person.

They’re done by a team of people. ”

Steve Jobs

At Worknetics, we will go through an extensive interview and qualification process.

Our greatest asset as a company is our awesome team. We believe in a simple and effective 3 step interview process.

CV Submission

We receive a very high level of interest for all open positions at Worknetics. Hence, we do a thorough screening of all applications and CVs submitted to ensure that we invite the most qualified candidates for a round of interview and assessment.


We are looking for engineers with a professional level of English in both speech and writing, as all our engineering roles involve direct interaction with international client teams. In addition, there will be a technical test issued by our technical architects.

Client Integration

All candidates that make it successfully through the first 2 rounds will then get to present themselves to the client for the role that they have applied for. Here the client would follow through with another short interview process prior to confirming the engagement.

We’re always on the lookout for passionate people. 
If you’d like to join our amazing team, get in touch.


We also believe collaborative hiring (referrals) are how the best companies hire the best teams. Therefore, we have a referral program which rewards you up to $1000 for each successful candidate!


Find our job openings below and start referring your friends/colleagues now!

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