We have advised countless companies on why assembling your own team from day one instead of outsourcing your product development leads to more costs saving and a sustainable tech development model. Whether you are a new startup building an MVP or an established company improving your existing product, a capable and dedicated tech team is critical for the success of your digital business.

How It Works

Initiate your request for the type of developers you need. We'll then help you craft the ideal job post to commence the sourcing process.

Sit back and receive suitable candidate profiles to interview. Hand-pick your own dream tech team and leave us to handle the rest.

Focus on your product development with your team of dedicated developers who work out of our offices in Vietnam.

Why Partner With Us?

Establish a curated team of skilled Vietnamese developers working exclusively for you from our office.

We don't add unnecessary layers of managers. Communicate and work alongside your team directly.

No more tediously going through piles of CVs and candidate listings. Get pre-screened profiles sent directly to you.

Gain the competitive edge by assembling a distributed tech team and deliver more at a lower cost.

We assist by optimizing keywords based on machine learning to enhance your job description, making it stand out to your target market.

We know there is a lot that comes with managing a distributed team, that is why we provide the best it is for team engagement to increase productivity and retention.

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