Hiring and managing someone in a new country is no easy feat. We understand that you have tight deadlines to meet, a business to run, and remote employees that are counting on you to have it all under control in regards to payroll, benefits, expense reimbursements, and income tax while making sure all of this is compliant with local laws.

That is why, as your in-country partner, you can count on us to keep you informed of what is going on and take care of all administrative matters of hiring in Vietnam.

Why Use an EOR Solution?

Here are 3 advantages for you:

  • Reduced cost of hiring in a new market.

  • Swift hiring and onboarding.

  • Avoid pitfalls and surprises of a foreign location.

All this so you can free up time to focus on your business reasons for hiring overseas, with the unnecessary stress.

How It Works

We will finalize the contracts for each employee and get them registered for payroll.

You'll receive an invoice detailing the employment cost at the beginning of each month, where you will pay us in advance.

We ensure your employee gets paid on time every month and that all statutory obligations are met.

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