Why Vietnamese

IT Developers?

Why Engage an

Offshore Tech Team?

IT Outsourcing -

The Basics

Whether you own a business in Vietnam or you are an expatriate who is working full-time in the country, you must have a bank account. There are many choices of banks and it is getting increasingly effortless to open an account for foreigners. Let us quickly dive into w...

According to the World Economic, Vietnam already has many competitive advantages and a strong investment climate appealing to foreign investors. Just like any other country, they have their way of doing things in Vietnam, which can be effective in its own right but can...

Remote teams are the future of work. It is estimated by Global Mobile Workforce Forecast Update that over 40% of the world’s working population, which is 1.87 billion employees, will be mobile by 2022. The figure could soon reach 75% in developed countries according to...

Being the third largest market in Southeast Asia and one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, Vietnam becomes a strategic place for many foreign entrepreneurs to invest and set up a business. Low costs and regulations that encourage foreign investment are onl...

Given that this is a game-changer for businesses regardless of size and scale, let’s carry on with the increasingly critical subject of employee engagement. To recapitulate quickly, we have since touched on what actually is employee engagement, the importance of it, th...

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