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Why Vietnamese

IT Developers?

Why Engage an

Offshore Tech Team?

IT Outsourcing -

The Basics

Employee engagement which encompasses staff work performance and retention is a topic that is getting increasingly popular and for good reasons. Organizations with engaged employees routinely outperform those with a higher number of disengaged employees. With an engage...

For many businesses, their initial web applications are not built with user-friendliness and scalability in mind. As time passes and the business grows, it becomes increasingly tough for these applications to handle more requests and heavier loads. After encountering s...

The startup scene in Southeast Asia is definitely gaining much attention. Vietnam is one that features a rapidly rising tech ecosystem. Emerging largely unscathed from the global financial crisis, Vietnam has grown by 6% on average each year over the past 10 years, mak...

Given the massive recognition that JavaScript receives, it is no wonder that there are a number of frameworks that comes along with it. These frameworks are designed to help supply data to the users when they trigger an interaction using an application or interface. Th...

Considering to be a front-end web developer as a career? There is no better time to be one as the demand for web development are rapidly increasing and there are relatively high salaries that come along with them.

The pace of the tech industry has now become almost over...

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