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Why Vietnamese

IT Developers?

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Offshore Tech Team?

IT Outsourcing -

The Basics

At the moment, Python is rated as one of the leading and most popular programing languages. We covered Python in greater detail in our previous article, which you may have read, on why it is now considered the “next big thing” for professionals. A few brief reasons for...

Python is a high-level and dynamic general-purpose programming language that focuses on code readability. The language was founded in the year 1991 by the developer Guido Van Rossum who had the idea of making coding easy and fun. The syntax in Python helps the programm...

Not long ago, the only known ways to conduct an interview is face-to-face or by phone. As the world of virtual work progress, so have the means by which employers conduct job interviews. Given that getting every candidate on your recruitment to shortlist in for an in-p...

Mobile application development is rapidly growing in the software industry at the moment and it is full of opportunities for jobs, be it full time or freelance. Due to its quick expansion, the job scope of a mobile developer is becoming increasingly dynamic as well, wi...

Productivity boost is not easy to maintain. I bet you know a feeling which I am embarrassingly familiar with, the feeling you get a few hours after lunch when you are ready to do everything, except work. Tasks are waiting, but all you can do is sit and stare at that bl...

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