Vietnam's dynamic economy offers an appealing option for multinationals to set up businesses in the nation. However, entrepreneurs should be prepared for stringent bureaucratic requirements with regards to foreign investments, although investors are generally permitted to invest in Vietnamese entities. There are various licensing and approval processes required for investments in certain sectors.

Worknetics offers comprehensive business support, tailored to your business needs, to establish an optimal corporate structure for your company.

A limited-liability company is a legal entity established by its members through capital contributions to the company.  Liability of members is restricted to the extent of their capital contributions.

A foreign company can establish a branch office in Vietnam provided it has obtained prior approval from the government. The Branch will have to apply and obtain the establishment license, and possess a seal bearing the name of the Branch.

Representative offices are generally used as a first step for foreign enterprises looking to enter Vietnam. While not permitted to engage directly in revenue-generating activities, ROs are used to provide a wide range of ancillary support to their head offices overseas.

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